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Meeting Summary of “Better Food For Human Health---Food and Nutrient Database In Asia”

Release time:2012-04-05

    The symposium of “Better Food For Human Health---Food and Nutrient Database In Asia” has been held on 15 July in 2011 in Singapore, as one of 22 symposiums in XI Asian Congress of Nutrition (ACN). This symposium is also the first meeting for food composition database within Asian.
    The objectives of the symposium were as follow: To exchange research and promote activities of FCD work in Asia; To promote the use of good food composition information by a wide range of researchers, policy-makers and practitioners in both the public and private sectors; To help countries in these regions to identify their food composition information needs.
    The symposium was chaired by Prof. Yang Yuexin (from NEASIAFOODS) and Dr. T Longvah (from SAARCFOODS). About 100 nutritionists or dietitians attended this symposium. 5 experts from FAO INFOODS, NEASIAFOODS, SAARCFOODS, and ASEANFOODS reported on the meeting. The reports in the symposium were:
    1. FAO/INFOODS Advances in Food Composition and Database Management System (Dr. Ruth Charrondiere, FAO-INFOODS)
    2. Nutrition Labeling and Health Claims in Asia and Implications for Developing Capabilities in Food Analysis (Prof. E-Siong Tee, ASEANFOODS)
    3. Established Nutrient Profiling Based on Food Composition Database (Prof. Yuexin Yang, NEASIAFOODS)
    4. Nutrient Biodiversity in Major Food Crops and Its Health Implications (Dr Thingnganing Longvah, SAARCFOODS)
    5. Food Composition Table in Korea (Dr. So-Young, KIM, Korea)
    A warm discussion were held after reports focused on biodiversity, variation of composition data, food composition data sharing, food nutrient profiling, etc.
    A group dinner has been held for all the members from FAO INFOODS, NEASIAFOODS, SAARCFOODS, and ASEANFOODS after the symposium. All the members hoped to held the second meeting in Japan.
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