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Nutrition Label

Release time:2012-04-05

    Nutrition labels:
    Nutrition labelling is a description intended to inform the consumer of nutritionalproperties of a food.
    Nutrition labeling:
    Nutrition declaration means a standardized statement or listing of the nutrient content of a food.
    Nutrition claims:
    Nutrition claim means any representation which states, suggests or implies that a food has particular nutritional properties including but not limited to the energy value and to the content of protein, fat and carbohydrates, as well as the content of vitamins and minerals.
    Nutrients content says:
    Nutrient content claim is a nutrition claim that describes the level of a nutrient contained in a food.
    (Examples: “source of calcium”; “high in fibre and low in fat”.)
    More claims:
    Nutrient comparative claim is a claim that compares the nutrient levels and/or energy value of two or more foods.
    (Examples: “reduced”; “less than”; “fewer”; “increased”; “more than”.)
    Health claims:
    Health claim means any representation that states, suggests, or implies that a relationship exists between a food or a constituent of that food and health.
    Nutrients function says:
    Nutrient function claims – a nutrition claim that describes the physiological role of the nutrient in growth, development and normal functions of the body. Example: “Nutrient A (naming a physiological role of nutrient A in the body in the maintenance of health and promotion of normal growth and development). Food X is a source of/ high in nutrient A.”
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